It is really difficult and tiring to move to a different place. Good thing there are moving and storage companies, that will help you move and store all of your belongings. But, you need to know how to select an experienced and reliable moving and storage company, since they will be handling and moving all of your things, which are all important to you.


Here are the factors that you must consider when selecting a moving and storage company:


A. Must offer estimates for free

It is really important that the moving and storage company, will go to your home, then estimate the cost of your move for free. It is also crucial that you show everything to the movers, especially your big furniture since this is where they base the cost of your move.


B. Must have insurance

Another thing that you must consider is the insurance. There are circumstances when things get destroyed or lost during transit, that is why it is really important that the company has insurance. The moving and storage service in rockville md must have insurance for those things that will be stored for a certain period of time.


C. Must Offer packing services

Make sure that the moving and storage company can also pack all of your belongings so that your move will not be that stressful. But, you may need to pay extra for this service.


D. Must know how they will transport things


You need to know how will they move your things.


E. Must indicated where they will put your things


The mover will know where to put your things if you mark the boxes. You need to give them specific instructions, so that they will know what to do.



F. They must protect your furniture


Make sure that they use protective coverings on your belongings so it will be safe during transit.


G. Must provide storage


In case you would want to store your belongings, then you need to select a company that has storage services.


H. Ask for recommendations


Asking is really good, ask people that you know and trust if they can recommend reliable moving and storage companies. Usually, people only give recommendations if they were really pleased with their services.


I. The cost of their services


You must choose Jake's moving and storage company that will match your budget. Some movers offers a discount if they move on their suggested date. When you move during weekends or on a holiday, then the cost will be more expensive.


J. The number of staffs



You must know how much people will be moving your belongings. You do not want outsiders to touch and move your things.